Designing Effective Police Patrolling Strategy on Street Network

  • 2014 - Present

  • Work with Prof. Tao Cheng

  • Part of EPSRC-funded CPC project

  • Design effective routing strategy for police patrolling in order to monitor the crime hotspots and respond to calls for service. Used methods include linear optimisation, heuristics, agent-based simulation.

Spatio-temporal Modelling of Urban Air Quality in Beijing

  • 2014.01 - 2014.09

  • Work with: Prof. Qi Li

  • Statistical analysis of the PM2.5 concentration time series data in Beijing. Building a spatio-temporal ARIMR model to predict the future air pollution level. The model has high predicttion accuracy.

A 3D Simulation System for Hazardous Chemical Leakage Accidents

  • 2012.01 - 2014.09

  • Work with: Prof. Qi Li

  • Design and implement a 3D GIS system for simulating chemical leakage accident based on atmospheric dispersion models, to support emergency response.