Please find my CV in English or in Chiese.

I am a Lecturer in spatial data science at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). This is my research blog.

A city is supported by a range of public service, including security, healthcare, and public transport. The heart of my work lies at an interest of the urban demand-supply problem:

  • How does the demand for public service vary in space and time?

  • How can the demand be matched via the (spatial and non-spatial) optimisation of the service supply?

I am interested in how we can use spatial-temporal statistics and machine learning to deepen our understanding of the demand variation, and to meet the demand with constrained resources.

I am also interested in geocomputation, which concerns the use of computational-intensive techniques for spatial data analysis, including neural networks, heuristic search, agent-based simulation, and (possibly) reinforcement learning.